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EGG Kingdom

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The EGG Kingdom has been created because EGG is a well-known and simple thing in our lives. Eggs are the origin of various creatures. Food is the most important factor for growth, and EGG is a basic and most used ingredient. I wanted to draw something that looked common but important, cute, and jocose, and EGG answered my proposal. This project is inspired by Minions, Arsenal, and my love. It took me two years to create every trait. I do not include the rarity of traits for now because every nft is unique and has a very low percentage of use due to the fact that I created more than 4,000 traits to generate 10,000 nfts. In the future, I would add it. Actually, I am not good at the arts, but I really intended and dedicated my soul and effort to creating this collection to make it as good as it could be. Hopefully, these EGGS will make you like them and feel funny. It would be great if you buy EGG(s) because you like them, not just because of the investment. As of my current state, I have nothing to do with a digital world or coins untill this project success I will think about the next step, but if anyone gets the special EGG NFTs, I will give them an egg shirt. All buyers will receive the baseball cap as a physical gift.

Morever, If the project goes well (sold out), I will extend the community channel and expose the stuff that EGG hides at their back with new nft(s), which will be dropped into EGG’s owner’s wallets!.  Ultimate Goal is building the visual land that eggs can live and communicate with each other that similar with The Sim and each egg would have their own quest to complete the quest so on and earn EGG coin according to their occupation. It is like the visual Egg world that every egg has many activities to do.

In the next part, I am introducing the egg story. Let’s begin.

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