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AURAS by Jeremy Cowart

Pre-sale Date:


Pre-sale Price:

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Public Mint Date:

09 May 2023-12:00 am (UTC)

Public Mint Price:

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Maximum Supply:

10000 Total

AURAS: An IRL 10K PFP in 20 Minutes
On May 2nd 2023, artist Jeremy Cowart will create AURAS, which which will be 10,000 completely unique NFT’s produced in 20 minutes start to finish without relying on generative code or AI. It will also be the first time Cowart has ever publicly revealed his creative process that he has spent 10 years privately developing in his studio.
Captured as the default PFP, Cowart himself will be the blank canvas, wearing all white, including a white mask. He will use his patent-pending lighting techniques, 3 layers of projection, including a state of the art 130-foot, 5 million dollar LED volume screen behind him.
Cowart will also take rarity to historic new levels by doing it all himself without a team, doing it live, and doing it without using AI, generative code or software of any kind.
Holders of Cowart’s 2022 project Block Queens will get a free mint of AURAS
(they will be required to pay gas only)
Mint Schedule:
Tuesday, May 9th on OpenSea
9am CST: Block Queens Holders Mint
10am CST: Allowlist mint (PREMINT Winners included)
11am CST: Public Mint

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