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01 Apr 2023-01:00 pm (UTC)

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Maximum Supply:

2000 Total

-The BtcSapiensNFT is a multi-chain structure being built in web3 and web2.
1 Genesis Coin (Eth NFT) that never gets burned but can be used to claim multiple NFTs/tokens in multiple Chains, within our project’s trajectory.

-The start of our “Road Map” is the deployment of BtcSapiens, a pre-historic 2000 PFP-style Nft collection based on the Bitcoin blockchain.
Each piece of this series will be securely inscribed on the indelible Bitcoin blockchain as a Sapien Ordinal.

-Once the Ordinals infrastructure becomes more accessible and user-friendly, you will be able to Redeem 5 “Genesis Coins”
(Eth NFT) for 1 BTC Sapien Ordinal, unlocking access to this new & fascinating NFT experience.

-Bitcoin developers have worked to bring non-fungible tokens or NFTs to the number one blockchain for nearly a decade,
beginning in 2014 with Counterparty, the creators of the Rare Pepe NFT collection, followed by Stacks in 2017.
The Inscription process writes or inscribes the data of the content stored into the witness of the Bitcoin transaction.
The witness was introduced in the SegWit upgrade to the Bitcoin network in 2017.

-Other Developers taking a similar approach are going with collections of 100 300 500 1000 inscriptions (NFTs), Due to the high cost of deployment per NFT on Bitcoin Blockchain.
That’s why we have done Pre-seed funding and were able to come up with a $250.000 start-up fund and 3 amazing like-minded individuals to join our team with loads of Tech and web3 experience.


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