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DG: Dimensions | 50 FREE MINT GIVEAWAY!

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19 May 2023-12:00 am (UTC)

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10000 Total

50 Free Mint Giveaway | DeluxeGoat: Dimensions
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• Full control of your ultra-high-quality 4K NFTs with personal and commercial IP rights
• Stake $DLX, a utility token with real-world use cases, and earn rewards
• Access sustainable loyalty rewards, a marketplace, and member raffles that provide ongoing value to our community
• Customize your NFTs through gamified Limited Editions and New Seasons of traits, increasing their value, rarity, and loyalty yield
• Join community-driven factions that build real value for specific trait groups, creating a sense of belonging and shared success
• Own a fraction of blue-chip NFTs, gaining personal and commercial IP rights for use however and wherever you desire
• Benefit from our consistent and profitable AlphaLab, providing education and resources to help you maximize your trading
• Experience monthly Main Event sporting streams exclusively for holders, featuring exciting sports and games that bring our community together over a shared experience.
When The Event began for the first time, everyone in their universe felt the throes, the violent vibrations jerking the fabric of space and time. The throes were then followed by an explosion along with a blindingly bright flash, rupturing the Nexus of all Reality – the strings that bound all universes and dimensions together. It was apparent from the explosion for it brought forth a carnal blackhole which was gulping everything down to its abysmal nothingness, tearing apart the Nexus of all Reality in the process. This, in turn, merged all the dimensions, universes, and timelines into a single, unified one, nullifying entanglement and breaking down all the laws of known physics. No doubt, the colours disappeared. It was as if the “The Event” took away the very essence of life with it, leaving behind dummies and lifeless dolls to weave their colourless dark future all alone. For survival, the DeluxeGoat tribes must unearth all the secrets of this new reality, be it by hook or crook. The longing to return the Nexus of all Reality to its former state behooved them to put to use their skillsets for restoring the world’s order – no matter the cost!


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