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Fueki Pixelverse Free Mint Giveaway 8888 supply

Pre-sale Date:


Pre-sale Price:

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Public Mint Date:

11 Jun 2023-12:00 am (UTC)

Public Mint Price:

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Maximum Supply:

8888 Total

Embark on a pixelated adventure with Fueki  Pixelverse! Join Fueki on a journey through the metaverse as they transform into a captivating pixel avatar. Collect and cherish these unique artworks while helping Fueki find their way back to their original world. Explore the magic of art and immerse yourself in the Pixelverse!
History of Fueki
Established in 1897, Fueki Pixelverse has been spinning tradition and quality for over 135 years. Our predecessors’ wisdom, knowledge, and traditions are still passed down to each and every one of our current employees, and we continue to innovate and create the future.

FAQs for Fueki Pixelverse Free Mint Giveaway:

Q: How many Fueki NFT are available in total?
A: There are 8,888 Fueki NFT available in total.

Q: When is the mint date for Fueki NFT?

Q: What is the mint price for Fueki NFT?
A: The mint price for Fueki NFT is yet to be announced.

Q: Is Fueki – Pixelverse an official NFT project?
A: Yes, Fueki – Pixelverse is an official NFT project. You can also check out our Fueki main Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more information.

Q: Where is the Fueki company located?
A: Fueki is a company established in 1897, with over 135 years of history in Japan. The company’s head office is located at 2-62, Takefuchihigashi, Yao-shi, Osaka, Japan. Their contact number is TEL+81-3-3862-8551.

Q: What is the utility of Fueki – Pixelverse NFT?
A: Fueki – Pixelverse NFT is a commemorative art collection created to celebrate Fueki’s 48th birthday.

Q: Is there an official discord for Fueki?
A: No

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