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Galactic Council NFT

Pre-sale Date:

20 Jul 2023-12:00 pm (UTC)

Pre-sale Price:

Ξ(ETH): 0.01

Public Mint Date:

24 Jul 2023-12:30 pm (UTC)

Public Mint Price:

Ξ(ETH): 0.015

Maximum Supply:

5555 Total

Description For Galactic Council NFT:


Galactic Council NFT (non-fungible token) project that consists of 5555 Tokens, which will be released on the ETH (Ethereum).

Behold the Galactic Council, where pfp and the metaverse collide in a cool cosmic fusion. Step into a universe of endless possibilities and join a community of daring explorers. Prepare for an adventure like no other!

The Galactic Council Community opens the doors of a unique universe for you. To participate in the economy of the Galacticverse universe, which was built with the Unreal Engine 5 engine, all you need is to own one of the non-fungible tokens. Once you enter the universe, you can benefit from all the events and rewards in the universe. Initially, entry into the universe will be blockchain-based, giving NFT holders the first entry right.


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