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KeplerHomes Passport Keplerlist WL

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Pre-sale Price:

Ξ(ETH): -

Public Mint Date:

27 Apr 2023-12:00 am (UTC)

Public Mint Price:

Ξ(ETH): 0.1

Maximum Supply:

5000 Total

What is KeplerHomes?
Kepler is an MMORPG that features real-time PVE/PVP battles, player socialization, simulations, and other gameplay. The game offers a mix of free-to-play and play-to-earn models, giving players the option to flexibly choose how they want to engage in the game.
KeplerHomes Passport Basic Information
A passport is the entrance ticket to our games. Only Passport holders can enter the game and participate in daily quests, dungeon missions, PvP, alien defense missions, escort missions, etc. to earn game tokens and NFTs.
What are the benefits of a Passport?
1. Time Wise: The Kepler Passport comes with 500 hours of game time.
2. In-game benefits: Passport holders can perform daily missions and token farming.
3. Airdrop Benefits: Passport holders have a higher priority in future airdrops.
4. DID Benefits: Different Passport holders will look different in-game and Passport holders will receive other benefits such as discounts on game items, token spending, and limited-time promotions.


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