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Mirai Shoujou

Pre-sale Date:

22 Apr 2023-12:00 am (UTC)

Pre-sale Price:

Ξ(ETH): Free

Public Mint Date:

22 Apr 2023-12:00 pm (UTC)

Public Mint Price:

Ξ(ETH): Free

Maximum Supply:

5555 Total

The Web 3 universe is comprised of millions of Virtual Worlds.”

Located inside the edge of the intergalactic blockchain lies “Saishu Mirai”

“Saishu Mirai” is safe haven, an escape from the real world. Visitors live in Saishu Mirai as their favorite idols and characters.

In reality, humans face everyday discrepancies, hardships, and conflicts. Saishu Mirai liberates the mind.

All desires come to fruition.

The citizens of Saishu Mirai are referred to as Saishu Mirai Shoujo (SMS).

The SMS NFT represents your newly liberated consciousness in Saishu Mirai.

SMS is the first genesis collection of a pioneering Web3 entertainment solution that is backed by Japan’s top entertainment figures.

Owning an SMS PFP allows you to access Japan’s top entertainment solutions, including a manifold of future events, and access to a tightly-knit circle of prominent Japanese Figures.


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