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Pirates of the Arrland: Arrlandum Chests

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06 Jun 2023-12:00 am (UTC)

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Maximum Supply:

3333 Total

What is Arrlandum Chests? 💎
Arrlandum Chest is a Free to Mint Hidden Gem NFT Collection by Pirates of the Arrland.
Mint Per Wallet: 1 Mint

What is Pirates of the Arrland? 🦜
🏴‍☠️ Official Game Trailer 🏴‍☠️

Pirates of the Arrland is the first game ever to combine Multiplayer Online Battle Arena with an economic and strategy game in a pirate world! Arrland Ecosystem is designed to work on blockchain, so all in-game assets will be NFTs.

Already working game prototype with high-quality 3D graphics and multiplayer tournaments. The Beta game version is currently in the final development stage and scheduled to be launched in Q2 2023.

Our team is fully doxxed and has experience in producing and publishing computer games, building WEB applications, and blockchain projects.

What is the Arrland ecosystem vision? 🌴
Building the most unique gaming ecosystem in the web3 space with MOBA, Strategy and Private Islands in one game connected with AI portal to the pirates world!
What can you find inside Arrlandum Chests? 🎮
Arrlandum Chests contain Citizen NFTs (IMX) that function as workers in the Arrland Archipelago’s economy. They can mine resources, are weaker in combat than pirates, and can be upgraded as specialists. These NFTs can be traded on the secondary marketplace and unlock both strategy mode and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena mode in Pirates of the Arrland game.
Arrlandum Chests not only contain Citizen NFTs, but also provide valuable resources to begin your journey in the Arrland Archipelago. Each chest includes Raw Materials, Land Plots on the rough waters, and essential in-game items, giving you a solid starting point for your adventure.
After opening the Arrlandum Chests, in addition to the Citizen NFT and valuable resources, plots and items, you will also receive an exclusive NFT Gem on the Polygon network. This unique gem serves as a cherished souvenir of the event and its utility will be announced soon.
Utilities of Arrlandum Chests 💎
All the utilities for other in-game assets which will be inside the chest will be released a minimum of 1 week before the mint event.
Stay tuned…

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