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The Working Dead NFT

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Pre-sale Price:

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Public Mint Date:

15 Jun 2023-12:00 am (UTC)

Public Mint Price:

Ξ(ETH): Free

Maximum Supply:

10000 Total

Description For The Working Dead NFT:


The Working Dead skulls have given their lives, literally, to the hustle. Grinding themselves to the bone. However, the future is now and a new world order rises. The A.I. Bots are coming…for your jobs. This will be the war to decide the future. Will TWD triumph? Will the Bots crush the skulls? Will they learn to work together and bring about a better future?
The Working Dead: Bot Wars project is a social commentary and an experiment. The battlefield is level, made of 5,000 randomly generated Skulls and 5,000 randomly generated Bots. The question is who will come out on top, who’s floor will hold the strongest? To the winner go the spoils of war.
Besides the fun storytelling experience of The Working Dead NFT, it is also a gateway to the WORKED platform. WORKED will be a hub for crypto knowledge, allowing a space for teachers and students to learn and earn.


At TWD, we host weekly events that consist of cross platform gaming, poker nights and much more activities to engage in as a community. Get involved today!

Utilities For  The Working Dead NFT? 💻

It will be possible to authenticate to the Worked platform using MetaMask or any major Cardano wallet. There will be token gating on the authentication to ensure the wallet holds an NFT from The Working Dead eco-system in order to access the platform.
Find out more about our vision and who we are below!

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