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Tozemon exclusive BTC pre-sale

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Pre-sale Date:

15 Jun 2023-12:00 am (UTC)

Pre-sale Price:

BTC: 0.0011

Public Mint Date:

15 Jun 2023-12:00 am (UTC)

Public Mint Price:

BTC: 0.0011

Maximum Supply:

333 Total

Description for Tozemon exclusive BTC pre-sale:

333 Tozemon ordinals inscribed into Bitcoin network forever.

Tozemon is an AI-powered cross-chain marketing platform, where each NFT represents a share in the project’s profits.100% of the platform’s net profit are allocated to NFT holders

Owners of BTC Tozemons will be eligible to mint a free NFT clone on the Solana to get full utility, meaning you get 2 NFTs for the price of 1.

1 review for Tozemon exclusive BTC pre-sale

  1. Alba

    Seems interesting

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